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Let's face it, you're not just buying wood, brick and mortar on a piece of dirt when you buy a property. We're talking lifestyle here! That means you need Daytona local area information if you are to make a quality home buying decision. Are you ready to take your online tour of Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores ? If so, the local neighborhood explorer offers a searchable interactive map and list of neighborhoods. Drill down and you'll find all kinds of terrific area facts and helpful photos to give you a glimpse of this great area we call home. Oh, don't forget to request your comprehensive relocation kit now. It's our way of saying welcome to Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores !

How Much is Your Home Worth?

In any market condition, that's the #1 question asked by home sellers. If you have to sell your Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores home, it needs to be sold for top dollar and in a timely manner. Question is how much is it worth? Pricing your Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores home accurately, we make selling your home so much easier. Your Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores home will receive maximum exposure with our exclusive marketing plan. Plus, we promise every aspect of the selling process will be managed to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today for your initial Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores home evaluation.
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12/11/2018 12:51:00 PM

Homes For Sale In Ashton Lakes

Ashton Lakes in Port Orange is a great place to call home for local families, retirees, and second home owners. This Port Orange neighborhood is conveniently located close to Port Orange shopping, restaurants, golf courses & country clubs, fishing, A+ Schools, and so much more! Ashton Lakes has something for everyone and could be your home!

If you are interested in buying a home in Ashton Lakes click the link below
Ashton Lakes

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12/4/2018 11:35:00 AM

Homes For Sale In Countryside

Countryside homes are located right in the heart of Port Orange. Located just off of Dunlawton, homeowners are only a short drive away from the beach, church, restaurants, city hall, and much more. You won't find a more convenient place to call home in Port Orange. There are many types of home options available in Countryside. Some include luxury homes in a gated community, townhomes with low maintenance, smaller homes and custom homes. Retirees and families alike call Countryside their home year round and seasonally. This community is affordable and in a great location, making it a great place to find your home!

If you are interested in buying a home in Countryside click the link below

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11/30/2018 1:38:00 PM

The Bigger Picture 

Have you been thinking about buying a home in the Port Orange or South Daytona area?  Many smart buyers have made the decision to start by contacting an experienced Realtor. This choice can help you to navigate through the often tangled buying process and can also lead to you creating a team of professionals that can help you make informed decisions throughout the transaction.

While the price of a home might seem to be in your budget at face value, forgotten costs of the buying and moving process could potentially put you over budget in the long run. Here are six costs that are often overlooked, courtesy of Redfin:
Improvements.Even if the home you buy isn’t a fixer-upper, there may be things you want to change or add to make it your own, such as new flooring, paint or countertops, which can add up to be a large expense.
Moving. Moving costs money, and the price goes up the more stuff you have
and the farther you’re moving.
Furnishings. You may want to buy furnishings for your new home, since the furniture and accessories you own now may not be enough or fit in with a new aesthetic.
Maintenance. This is an expense that catches renters especially off guard, because maintenance is usually taken care of by the building owners. You can expect to repair or replace a variety of things during the life of a home, so be sure to include maintenance costs in your budget.
Utilities. While you may already be paying for utilities at your current residence, the costs could be higher in your new home depending on the size and area. There are also some utilities that are included in rent that homeowners have to pay for, like garbage collection.
Time. You will meet with several people to sign documents, set up utilities and prepare your move—time you might take off from work. This is fine if you’re able to use vacation days, but if not, you may need to take unpaid leave.

The Mark Card Team has over 40 years of combined experience and has vast knowledge of the current Port Orange/South Daytona real estate market, as well as the intricacies of the home buying process.  If you'd like to speak with an agent about creating a long or short term home buying plan, call Mark Card or Jennifer Card at 386-566-8091.

11/28/2018 1:20:00 PM

Are you considering putting your house on the market?  

THE Pre-listing LIST

Completing some quick and easy tasks before listing a home for sale can help reduce stress and save time during the home-selling process.

1.  Clean the House: An important part of selling a home is keeping it clean in anticipation of a showing. Cleaning the home will convey that it’s been well cared for and that the house is less susceptible to any issues caused by neglect.

2. Finish the Honey-Do ListSome areas of the home, although not typically thought of as areas that would affect a home’s appeal, may be displayed as safety concerns on a home inspection report. Help yourself by replacing burnt-out light bulbs, testing smoke detectors, replacing air filters and unclogging drains.

3.  Check All Outlets: A sampling of electrical outlets will be tested as part of the home inspection to make sure they’re in good working order. Take note of which outlets are not functioning and replace them, or consider hiring an electrician to make sure all outlets and the electrical box are updated and in proper working condition.

4. Clear Areas for Easy Access: Home inspectors will be looking at the major systems of the home, including the foundation, HVAC systems, electrical systems, plumbing and even the water heater. Making sure they can easily access these areas, including the basement and attic, will save time during the inspection process.

 5. Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection: Hiring experienced and professional home inspectors can save a lot of headaches during the selling process. They will thoroughly go through the home and notify you of any potential issues ahead of listing the property.

If you are looking to sell your home, contact a top real estate team in your area to discuss what you should do to get top dollar.  The Mark Card Team brings over 40 years of combined experience to help you get to the finish line with the most amount of money in your pocket.  Call Mark Card or Jennifer Card at 386-566-8091. 

11/27/2018 12:30:00 PM

Port Orange Townhouses

If your're looking for an affordable town-home with low maintenance, or if you're an on the go professional that does not want to handle yard work and exterior maintenance, then a Port Orange town-home could be the place for you! Click the link below for a town home in the middle of all the great activities Port Orange has to offer!
Port Orange Townhouses

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