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Let's face it, you're not just buying wood, brick and mortar on a piece of dirt when you buy a property. We're talking lifestyle here! That means you need Daytona local area information if you are to make a quality home buying decision. Are you ready to take your online tour of Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores ? If so, the local neighborhood explorer offers a searchable interactive map and list of neighborhoods. Drill down and you'll find all kinds of terrific area facts and helpful photos to give you a glimpse of this great area we call home. Oh, don't forget to request your comprehensive relocation kit now. It's our way of saying welcome to Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores !

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In any market condition, that's the #1 question asked by home sellers. If you have to sell your Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores home, it needs to be sold for top dollar and in a timely manner. Question is how much is it worth? Pricing your Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores home accurately, we make selling your home so much easier. Your Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores home will receive maximum exposure with our exclusive marketing plan. Plus, we promise every aspect of the selling process will be managed to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today for your initial Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores home evaluation.
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7/3/2018 6:00:00 AM

Small Flaws That Can Turn Away Home Buyers

Small flaws that you don't think about when selling your house can be the reason the buyer says "lets keep looking". According to the Residential Real Estate Council here are some things to consider before selling your home.

Old electrical panels: Buyers will want it "up to code". Get bids from multiple electricians to try and get a reduced repair quote, or offer an amount as a credit in lieu of repair at closing.

Ripped window screens: Window screens will wear out over time, but tears should be taken seriously. Either replace them before listing or offer a credit at closing.

Kitchen walls: Many people prefer open kitchens. If you think your kitchen walls make if feel cramped and that's stalling your sale, consider opening it up yourself

Small closets: There ins't much you can to to ease these concerns, but try to make your closet look roomier by de-cluttering. 

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6/29/2018 7:54:00 AM

Common Expenses For New Home Buyers 

Here are some expenses to consider when buying your new Port Orange home.  Buyers often overlook important items when searching for a new home.  As the Port Orange home experts, The Mark Card Team has some advice on those hidden costs. Here are some average costs to consider when making your home buying decision:

*As reported through Florida Realtor Magazine
  • Bedroom furnishings: $635
  • Window covers: $215
  • Sofas: $724
  • Living room chair and tablas: $687
  • Dining room and kitchen furniture: $345 
  • Other Furnishings: $1,172
  • Outside additions or alterations: $2,106
  • Lawnmowers and yard equipment: $515
  • Washer and Dryer: $575
  • Computer systems: $300
  • Other appliances: $1,704
  • New fencing: $270
  • New pluming fixtures: $150
  • Other upgrades and repairs: $1,203
                                               Total: 10,601

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6/26/2018 11:48:00 AM

When you own your home, there is no landlord to go ask for help or fix a problem. So recommends homeowners learn to handle these basic problems:

Change the HVAC filters
    - Replace this quarterly to keep your air system running well and cut your energy bills
Cutting the water supply
    - Find and tag the shut-off valve when you first move in. Then you can easily find it and turn the handle 90 degrees when it needs to be turned off.
Unclogging drains
    - Learn about chemical drainers and drain snakes. The chemical drainers may work, but a drain snake is also a good option.
Resetting a circuit breaker
    - To do this just open the panel cover and find the breaker in the "off" position, then flip it "on."
Clean gutters
    - These need to be cleaned annually or every two years to avoid debris build-up that can trap water. Trapped water can seep into your home and cause thousands in damage.

6/21/2018 11:30:00 AM

The Direct Contact Movement

 Being in direct contact with a top producing realtor in Port Orange, can help you maximize your real estate investment goals 

In today's society technology is more relevant that ever. You can use your phone or computer to do just about anything. In some ways it's a good thing, it makes our lives easier and more convenient, but it can do some damage as well. People forget about the basic act of communicating to a person directly, not by using a robot voice recording or a chat room. Most real estate agents are moving towards the technology side of things, but the top producing agents are doing just the opposite. The top producing agents are putting themselves in direct contact. By taking the time to pick up a phone and connect with someone, you are creating a bond, forming a trust between you and the clients. Not only does it help form connections but it helps things run more smooth and efficiently. 

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6/20/2018 11:30:00 PM

S. Ridgewood Commerical Lot for Sale in Port Orange 

Is your Commercial Property Attractive to Potential Buyers?

According to Florida Realtor magazine, Bricks and Mortar Retail is evolving. Citing changes in consumer needs, owners are working in conjunction with Realtors to change existing buildings to fit the needs of today's markets.

Online sales are leading many national retailers to vacate their "big box" stores. These strategies are proving helpful as the end of the year vacancy rate was 10.83% while the prior year was at 12%.

 Adding diversity by rezoning to new mixed-used developments has helped to create an appealing retail experience by using a strong mix of local tenants and national brands. Economic prosperity and population growth should bode well for retail in the upcoming years.

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