Architectural Niches

Architectural Niches

Architectural niches

Do you have those things called "architectural niches" around your home? You know, those indention, framing nothing parts in your drywall that you have no idea how to highlight, or in some case, hide? While throwing a vase or a bust of George Washington might be an easy remedy in some of those cases, others are a little trickier. Like the one that greats your guests the minute they enter your front door. There are some steps that may help make your decorating chore a little simpler.

1. Determine if you are trying to make this area pop, become a functional area or blend into the landscape of the room.

2. Move various items you have in the space already into this one to determine height, width, and color schemes that will work.

3. Consider using paint to change the background of the area. A small area of faux paint can really help make the area unique.

4. Utilize repurposed objects from another area and paint with acrylic or chalk paint so that it will now work in this area.

5. Light it up. Do you have a handy touch to add lighting to the area? That may make your niche shine.

6. Glue wood, tiles, glass or mirrors in the area to add extra pizzazz.

No matter what you choose to do, make it your own and make it unique. You and your family and guests will enjoy your work for years to come and if you, or they aren't crazy about the new look, change it up until you find the look that works for you.

Jennifer Card is a Realtor with The Mark Card Team and enjoys helping her clients explore ideas for making their homes unique and styled perfectly for their families. If you're in search of someone to help you make those subtle changes that create big results, call Jennifer at 386-566-8091.