Pricing Your Home

It has been every home has a buyer...for a price

Real estate professionals utilize objective tools to accurately price homes. There are important tips you should know when selling. Because selling a home can be an emotional prospect, the Realtor you choose is important. They must keep the transaction as objective as possible to deter any additional complication throughout the transaction. A CMA or Comparative Market Analysis is considered one of the primary tools used in proper pricing. We can provide you a CMA. A CMA may include objective numerical data such as:
  • Recent Area Sales
  • Price per Square Foot
  • Upgrades
  • Type of Construction
  • Amount of Available Inventory

    Other considerations may include:

    • Size of Home and Property
    • Neighborhood and School Districts
    • Age and Style of Home
    • Number of Bedroom and Baths
    • Overall Home Condition
    • Amenities and Upgrades
    • Views and Access Points


    Be sure to check your competition.

    Please Read our 5 Essential Tips to Selling Your Home and consider using The Mark Card Team to effectively Market and Sell your Home.  Also consider our Staging Tips as many buyers purchase their new home from "the street" so to speak. They only solidify their decision by walking into the home.Please feel free to contact The Mark Card Real Estate Team for more information on getting your home sold.